NEXT MEETING!: 7.30pm Thurs 6th August @ KEBELE, Easton

hoping for another short, effective one!

next full-meeting: 7.30pm Thurs 6th August @ Kebele, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol.

the last one, only took 60 minutes, as we have now formed working groups, making the main meetings short and sweet…so if your up for helping out between now and the event itself (12th-20th September) please come along…not all meetings are murder!


2 Responses

  1. Is there anychance of having another meeting abit sooner? I’ve missed all the priovios meetings…but i have lots of ideas and want to form a group to do something but to do this i really need to know what’s been planned already. Yep i should have got invovled earlyer but leaving the next meeting two weeks away would making planning anything alot harder. What about an hour in Kebele? As an intro for new people? it would be really helpful

  2. b, we could give a brief run down of what has gone on, been decided etc. at the beginning of the meeting, how does that sound? Also in terms of organising and getting ideas going, that can all take place outside the meetings as well, the week is a week of decentralised activity!
    hope to see you on thursday!

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