Next meeting: Kebele 7.30pm Wednesday 26th August and Newspaper Call Out

Ahoy Co-Mutineers!

next full-meeting: 7.30pm Wednesday 26th August @ Kebele, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol.



If you have information as to what you (as groups or individuals) are planning to do, whatever it may be, during the CoMutiny, and you want it in the programme of events please email through to:

If there are any questions, suggestions or wishes to get involved come to the next meeting or email!

Call out for contributions to the CoMutiny Newspaper: Deadline Wed 25th Aug

As part of Co-Mutiny we are producing a newspaper, geared to ‘the people of Bristol’ to explain our plans, politics in an accessible way.

This will also include the timetable of the workshops/actions/films etc.

  • Please send articles or listings for local groups that you would like to put into the newspaper. (around 500 words)
  • Pieces should ideally be amusing, accessible language and include images, cartoons, pics, logos.
  • They could be by groups involved or local or wider issues that are linked to the general project of Co-Mutiny.
  • We’re also compiling a sort of Radical Bristol classified section where groups could put contact details and regular events etc. (around 50 words)

Deadline for articles and contributions with high-resolution images, cartoons, pics, logos etc: Wednesday 26th August 2009.

Please email to

If you cannot do something by then but would like to have something in paper that we can pull off web, please email us.



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