NEXT MEETING!: 7.30pm Thurs 6th August @ KEBELE, Easton

hoping for another short, effective one!

next full-meeting: 7.30pm Thurs 6th August @ Kebele, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol.

the last one, only took 60 minutes, as we have now formed working groups, making the main meetings short and sweet…so if your up for helping out between now and the event itself (12th-20th September) please come along…not all meetings are murder!


Colour Flyer Front (Poster) and Flyer Back

The colours appear different on the screen, but download them (click on the image, then right click and save it) and re-attach/upload them and they’re fine!!

3 months to go- Spread ’em mutineers!

Comutiny Poster and Flyer Front

Comutiny Flyer Back

Comutiny Call Out

Call-out to join the Co-Mutiny
Bristol September 12th – 20th, 2009
Social Change not Climate Change

Capitalism and its puppet de‘mock’cracy are spiralling out of control:a self-created recession, rocketing unemployment, soaring national debt, the illegal and unjust occupation of Afghanistan & Iraq, apathy towards massacres in Palestine and Sri Lanka, the criminalisation of free movement, the police assaults and murders of people on the streets, the construction of larger airports and coal-fired power stations in the face of devastating environmental degradation, the privatisation of social housing, the list goes on.

But there is hope. There are anti government protests from Greece to Paris, and China to London, as well as factory and school occupations across the U.K.  World wide there are growing, active, and increasingly angry radical & working class movements standing up and resisting climate chaos, oppression, poverty, insecurity and state control.

Hand-in-hand with these protests are grassroots actions to build a new society and take control of our own lives. Ordinary people are finding ways to help each other in the face of the credit crisis created by the banks and corporations.  We are re-learning old skills and learning new ones for the transition to a just society; enabling us to create community gardens, establish housing, food and worker’s co-ops, and use new economics in the neighbourhoods where we live

In Bristol and surrounds, a diverse bunch of enraged creative, dreamers and schemers, builders and gardeners, workers, students and unemployed have been drawn together by the common threads of our indignation at how a combination of corporate greed, social injustice and environmental degradation is leading us all towards climate chaos and financial collapse.

We invite you to converge on Bristol for an uprising of autonomous actions and events from 12th – 20th of September 2009.

The themes for those events and days of action are:

  • Freedom of movement (surveillance, migration)
  • Anti-militarism (Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Palestine, Filton)
  • Climate justice (Just transition, financing of climate chaos, coal, airports)
  • Financial collapse / community growth (role of banks, creating a new economy)
  • Work (Workers’ solidarity, co-operative working, workplace occupations)
  • Food (animal rights, sustainable food production, permaculture)
  • Autonomous spaces (gentrification, housing, squatting)

The Co-Mutineers will be organising actions and events but we need you to get involved, wherever you are from and whatever your experience.

We encourage autonomous actions.  Come on down, join the mutiny, get in touch!

Dates for your diary:
Sat 12th September – Bristol Anarchist Book Fare
Sun 13th – Sun 20th September – CoMutiny Action Convergence – insert your revolution here!
Fri 18th – Sun 20th September – Days of action in defence of squats and autonomous spaces.

Comutiny Flyer for June Meeting

June flyer for immediate distribution!June Flyer Front

June Flyer Back

Not fukin chucklin