Press Release and Info


MEDIA CONTACT:07805756159

Following the extremely well attended and succesful Anarchist Bookfair
yesterday, Bristol Co-Mutiny are please to announce the location of their
home for the week.

(Jargon Busting: Convergence Space – Building where we meet to organise
and run workshops)

It is the Pro-Cathedral, (address: Pro-Cathedral Lane, Clifton, Bristol
BS8)formerly the Steiner School. The cathedral and site became the home of
a Steiner school until 2002, when it was sold for “redevelopment.”

During 2007 the space was cleared up and run as a theatre and art venue by
the Invisible Circus and Artpace Lifespace, until developers asked them to
leave so they could turn them into exclusive flats.

2009: It is empty, and was found in a much worse state then when “The
Invisible Circus” left it.

The Co-Mutineers will be happy to see people at the Pro-Catherdral even if
they just want a quick wander around the building. Workshops will start
this afternoon. The principles by which we wish to organise the
convergence space are at the bottom of this Press Release.

Samantha King from the Co-Mutiny said:

“We are happy to open it up to the people of Bristol, even if only
temporarily – despite, asking the Invisible Circus to leave, two years on,
and this beautiful building is once again being left to the pigeons.”


For details of Today’s Program see “The Evening Pest” or check our Blog or e-mail:


“Welcome aboard the Co-Mutiny”.  The Co-mutiny is based on a number of core principles, which reflect the sort of world the organisers want to see and help bring into reality: Collective desicion making, co-operation and mutual aid, direct action, equality and non-hierarchy, openness and inclusion, resistance and solidarity, voluntary participation and shared responsibility. This is an autonomous event and an autonomous space, you are free of the constraints of bosses, police and government, so to this end we ask you to respect the following:

  • Look after your friends and comrades.
  • If you see something needs doing, do it, we are all volunteers.
  • If someone looks like they may need help, help them.
  • If someone’s actions make you feel uncomfortable, speak up to them or ask
  • for help. Be prepared to be the one to listen and take action.
  • Respect each other’s opinions and allow the free flow of ideas even when
  • you disagree.
  • Make space and create access for any individual who may require it.
  • For the comfort of all there is no smoking indoors, except in designated
  • areas.
  • No littering. Leave no trace, if you bring it in take it out or bin it.
  • No drugs. The co-mutiny spaces are family friendly so drug free.
  • No photography unless you have the permission of the subjects.
  • Get involved, make friends & have fun! This is your Community Co-mutiny!

The Co-mutiny will not tolerate any form of behaviour that has a negative
impact or threatens the wellbeing of the Co-mutiny, its spaces, and its
participants. Anti-social behaviour will be actively opposed and you will
asked to leave. This behaviour includes but is not limited to:
Harassment, aggression, violence, theft and dishonesty (from co-mutiny
spaces or individuals), excessive drinking or drunkenness, drug use or
being under the influence of drugs, racism, sexism, homophobia or any
other form of prejudice.

Do not be offended if you are spoken to about your behaviour or actions.

Enjoy The Event!
The Co-Mutineers.



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