Call-out for involvement in Co-Mutiny!

We are particularly on the look out for anyone who’s interested in doing skill-shares, discussion groups and workshops with a practical slant.

Co-Mutiny cannot happen without the collective efforts of all those who help to organise it. If you want to get involved in running a workshop during Co-Mutiny, either on your own, or with a collective, please contact:

The deadline for applications is 28th August.

Thank you!

BinDymediA LiNk


One Response

  1. I can offer a workshopof skills involving “breakaway techniques. These are small but effective ways to get yourself released from someone elses grip. And then step away from trouble. Or free yourself from a situation and then try calm things down. Or leg it which ever is apropriate. Eg if someone grabs you or friend by hair, or holds you by the wrists against your will. How to break free.

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